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Monday, October 12, 2009


Hi friends,
good news!
I'm very excited to present a new super cool tool that I've created
in order to help us manage our pretty ETSY stores!
CRAFTOMANIA Is a friendly tool-bar which organizes all the tools that we use on a daily base
in order to remain connected and up to date with the ETSY community .

simply click on this link and download the tool-bar-

what's On it?
Blogs- interesting blogs we love to read
Treasure hunt- important tools to help us create a good treasury
ETSY tube- all ETSY videos
Satellites- ETSY groups on Facebook, Twitter, flicker....
Promotion- ways to promote yourself
Gadgets- Unit converter, calculator .....
RSS feed from the storque
A search engine

I'm still updating it and adding improvements. I hope the tool-bar will serve the wide world ETSY community.

check it out and tell me what you think!
Constructive criticism will be much appreciated,
please contact me if you have any more tools you would like to add to it.

Hope you'll find it helpful :)

Share it with your friends at ETSY.


Anonymous said...
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Rose Ector said...

Good for you, girl! Etsy owners must have this toolbar to keep all the tools in place. I think you just have to add a feedback toolbar so clients can have easy access to you.