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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Back to school

Today I went back to school for my 4Th year of visual communication design study.
I love my studies since I get to make cool animations and create new designs.
but it also takes a lot of my energy. (this summer was so much fun :))
my firs project is to create a short animation freestyle. what ever I want to do!
so now i am going over my head and thinking what makes me fly...
promise to show you updates on the project.

for old projects go to my flickr-


djStoreRoom said...

Hi!! Thanks for the great toolbar!! I have downloaded it, but will be going off for holidays and wouldnt be able to utilise it until next week. But, thanks for adding my blog to the Blogs Category!! Can you please add in my etsy shop too? Its at Thanks a million for this again!!~

noyab said...

sure! I will do so when you are back from your vaction.enjoy the toolbar :)

Talchen said...

Is this Holon in the background? I'm afraid to admit I don't recognize the place. Oh, Have a great last year!!

noyab said...

Thank you Talchen,
it's Istanbul in the back, a school trip this summer...

Opendoor Studio said...

what a great photo! Thanks for including me in your craftomania 7 treasury!